Programs + Chill Sessions

Condom Access Points (CAPS)

Need free condoms? We have those! Check our our Condom Access Points program: there are a couple different free condom dispensers at businesses and universities around Baltimore. Additionally, you can always stop into the STAR TRACK Clinic at 120 Penn St. and pick up free condoms, lube, and other useful and fun hot sex resources and tools!

Does your business or organization wants to sign up to be a Condom Access Point? Does your organization just need a free condom delivery?

Contact Eva Fury, Community Mobilization Coordinator
(410) 706-4792

RISE (Re-Writing Inner Scripts)

RISE is a two-day session for young same gender loving, gay, bisexual, and queer men (ages 18-26). RISE provides a healthy, self-affirming environment for guys to to explore complicated life-issues. Topics include self-acceptance, disclosure, racism, homophobia, internalized oppression, relationships, love, power, freedom, and empowerment. RISE always offers free food, new friends, and good times.

Contact Lamont S Bryant
(410) 706-6033

Real Talk

Real Talk is an exclusive group for anyone of transgender experience to build community, connect and learn with each other, and access information and resources. Real Talk is a Your Trans Care program run by our transgender STAR TRACK staff members. This is a unique space for engaging and empowering transgender people in Baltimore.

Contact Whitney Burton
(410) 706-4153

Positive Thinking

A safe space for HIV positive youth to support each other and learn how to live full healthy lives. Our group plays games, shares food, and learns life skills for people living with HIV. Topics covered include staying positive, sticking to medication schedules, understanding personal finance, healthy relationships, and more. Positive Thinking provides an optimistic, light atmosphere where young people can feel comfortable with themselves and others.

Contact Lonnie Bishop
(410) 706-2000


PrEP is pill you take once a day to prevent HIV transmission. It’s for people who test negative for HIV, but find themselves in situations where their chances of contracting HIV are elevated. STAR TRACK’s PrEP program is centered around you and what you need. We have medical and non-medical case management to help you figure out if PrEP is right for you and how to structure your life so that taking PrEP is easy, regular, and not a big deal.

Our PrEP navigation team is always coming up with new ways to introduce people to PrEP. Here are a few places you might see them:

PrEP Pop-ups

PrEP Pop Ups are quick lil educational events! Our PrEP navigators head out to a Baltimore city neighborhood, set up a STAR TRACK tent, hand out PrEP info, and engage people in conversation. Lucky visitors might win giveaways or STAR TRACK swag! If you see the STAR TRACK tent come holla! We want to meet you!


#PrEPAfterDark is our semi-annual sexy PrEP party and panel that pushes the boundaries of sex education by shining some light on what folks do in the dark. PrEPAfterDark events are themed after underground sexual activities, like how to safely practice kink, BDSM, and erotic dancing. Then we hold a panel discussion to introduce PrEP and talk about how you can take charge of your own sexual power by including PrEP in your sex life.

PrEP n play

PrEP ‘n Play starts with creative youth-centered conversations about love, sex, and relationships and ends with a dope-ass party. People come to learn about how to make the most out of their relationships and friendships, include PrEP in their daily routines, win some prizes and then just kick it! Once our conversations are over we throw a dance party and set up a bunch of different games and activities depending on what’s hot. Remember PokemonGo?


For more information about our PrEP programming Contact Lonnie Bishop
(410) 706-2000

XGen: The Super Advocacy League

XGen is a social group for LGBTQ youth in Baltimore City. Our goals are to build community for LGBTQ youth and dismantle stigma around health. Throughout the year XGen will plan and host several awesome events including dance parties, movie nights, and game nights. Follow us on

XGend Social Nights: Social meet ups are for mixing, mingling, and enjoying fun activities. We love to play games, sing karaoke, chill, and watch movies. Get in touch or follow us on facebook to find out what’s happening this month.

1st & 2nd Tuesdays of the month @ 120 Penn from 6pm-10pm. Free food, drinks!

Get Your 10sss: Our monthly panel discussion for sharing the art of Vogue and history of Ballroom. Come learn the basics, the history, the stories, and the personal experiences of some of “The Greats” of the past and present. If you have a question that you’ve always wanted to ask- now is your chance to get those answers! We have a different panel each month to add to all the fun. We encourage you to come out early so we can fit some vogue time in at the end of the panel discussion.

3rd Tuesday of the month @ 120 Penn from 6pm-9pm. Free food, drinks!


For more information about XGen
Contact Lamont Bryant
(410) 706-2000


Unique Collaborations

STAR TRACK participate in coalition building and advocacy to address the different and complex needs of youth and young adults. Our areas of interest include sexual health, education, foster care, juvenile justice, housing instability, mental health, substance use, racial justice, and reproductive justice.


A unique collaboration that links Black Americans with HIV into care and treatment, strengthens local and national leadership, connects influential peers, raises HIV science and treatment literacy in Black communities, and advocates for policy change and research priorities.


A coalition of government and community agencies seeking to fill critical gaps in care for homeless youth. BHYI’s goal is to integrate disconnected services and ensure that youth, ages 14 to 24, receive the support they need to become self-sufficient, productive citizens. BHYI identifies existing resources and needs, develops and coordinates effective programs, educates its members about best practices, and helps to shape and promote policies benefiting homeless youth.


A movement of vibrant LGBTQ people, allies, and health care providers addressing sexual health and sexual identity issues in Baltimore through shared conversations and collective actions. Fostering holistic sexual health for queer people of color in Baltimore through our shared stories and lived experiences.

The Baltimore Police Commissioner’s LGBT Advisory Council

The Baltimore Police Commissioner’s LGBT Advisory Council advises the Commissioner on issues affecting the LGBT community in Baltimore City. The LGBT Advisory Council is made up of Baltimore City LGBT organizations and community members as an intermediary between the Baltimore City Police Department and the community.


The Gay, Bisexual, Same Gender Loving Men’s Response Team (GBSGLM-RT) is Maryland based coalition that aims to launch and sustain a linked framework of culturally competent, evidence-based HIV prevention services for gay, bisexual, and same gender loving men in Maryland.


A 100% free annual prom for high school aged LGBTQ youth in Maryland. The LGBTQ youth prom is designed, planned, and organized by a small collective of Baltimore-based LGBTQ advocated and organizations.


Speak Fire is a brave space for Black LGBTQ folks and allies to reflect on our histories of great resistance and love. Th­e Center for Black Equity-Baltimore, STAR TRACK Adolescent Health Program at University of Maryland, Black Trans* Advocacy, and Sistas of the “T” have partnered together to host these panels with the understanding that all Black lives matter.


The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative works to reduce teen births by improving young people’s access to age-appropriate and evidence-based health education, medically appropriate clinical services, and opportunities to engage their communities and grow as civic leaders. TPPI’s current interests include reviewing sexual health curricula, providing LGBTQ 101 and Allyship 101 trainings for members, and providing LGBTQ 101 and “how to advocate for your peers” trainings for Youth Advisory Council housed within the Initiative.


The Transgender Action Group (TAG) identifies and addresses the health, legal, and housing needs of transgender sex workers in Baltimore City. TAG conducts street-based harm reduction services twice a month. Volunteers and stipended sex workers from the community distribute safer sex kits, provide legal services and HIV/STI testing, and offer information about transgender-safe resources.


The Transgender Response Team (TRT) is a collection of people from transgender communities, their allies, service providers, and others interested in improving the health of transgender Marylanders. TRT executes timely projects and reactions to current events and needs that influence the transgender community in Maryland.


Youth Equality Alliance (YEA) is a statewide coalition of various service providers, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and individual advocates that seeks to identify policy and regulatory solutions to problems faced by LGBTQ youth in Maryland education, foster care, and juvenile justice systems.