Primary Care

Primary care is your go-to health care professional (a doctor or a nurse practitioner). Your primary care provider is the person or clinic that you go to once a year for your annual check up. They are also the place you go if something comes up, like a really bad cold or some new weird symptom. If you need to see a specialist your primary care provider will help you find the right person.

At STAR TRACK we can take care of your annual check ups as well as any sports, camp, or work physicals. We also specialize in reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, mental health, and transgender healthcare. Basically, we’ve got your back.

120 N Penn Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:30pm.

100% confidential care.

Trans Care

Your Trans Care (YTC) is a specialty program for transgender people 12 to 21 years old looking for excellent health care. YTC offers primary care and a range of unique services for transgender individuals and their friends, family, and significant others.

Our trans specific services include:
– free support provided by transgender peer navigators
– access and management of hormone therapy & puberty blockers
– trans affirming gynecological services
– customized support and guidance for families, friends, and partners of transgender clients
– counseling referrals, clinical letter of support, and coordination for gender affirming surgery
– medical and non-medical case management
– transgender specific health education workshops and materials

Have more questions about YTC or want to schedule an appointment?

Email us at and we’ll hook you up.

Family Planning

Family planning covers everything that has to do with reproductive health, makin’ babies, having sex, not having sex, thinking about sex, and all the biology in between. Reproductive healthcare is for everyone, for men, women, people with uteri, dicks, and anything in between. STAR TRACK has family planning services for before, during, and after pregnancy, as well as all the tips and tricks needed to prevent pregnancy. Our staff can help you figure out what kind of birth control methods are the best fit for you and your body or your partner’s body. We will also provide all the guidance and planning you’ll need during a pregnancy. We’ll help you coordinate all your appointments, manage your expectations, and learn about parenthood. Family planning does include regular gynecological exams and menses related health care, as well as support for partners, dads, and other family needs!


HIV/STI Testing

The STAR TRACK Clinic offers free and confidential HIV testing Monday through Friday 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. We are a sex positive youth centered space, which means offering a shame free environment for youth to learn how to have safe, consenting, pleasurable, and fun sex. We host events and chill sessions in our clinic space throughout the week, so sometimes we’re open late and you can drop by for free testing then! We host our own testing events off-site and provide testing at community events as well. Check out our Events Page or follow us on Facebook to learn about our next event. Testing results are expected within three to five business days. Same day results are available if you are tested onsite at our clinic.

Our clinic is a chill place where you can charge your phone, watch some TV, get on a computer, and hang for a bit. You can also grab free condoms, lube, and a variety of other hot sex materials. Every once in awhile we’ve got giveaways and fun activities for anyone visiting the clinic.

120 Penn St. Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:30pm.
No insurance or appointments needed! Walk-ins always welcome!

Have more questions about HIV/STI Testing? Or want to schedule an appointment?

Contact the front desk at our clinic by calling (410) 706-6000 or
Contact Lonnie Bishop, HIV Testing and Outreach Coordinator or call (410) 706-2000

HIV Prevention + PrEP

Did you know that there is a pill that prevents HIV? PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis is a blue pill you take once a day, every day, and it will prevent HIV transmission during sex without a condom! Ummm, yes! more information please!

STAR TRACK’s PrEP program is designed for youth who have unprotected sex, have multiple partners, are in a committed relationship with an HIV positive partner, are sex workers, or find themselves in bunch of different scenarios.

Our peer navigators work with you one-on one to create a PrEP plan and help you stick to it. Your PrEP plan will include medical and non-medical case management, with follow up appointments scheduled for every three months. Our navigators are there to support you access whatever resources and gain any opportunities you are looking for. They can help you with education, employment, housing, and a bunch of other stuff!

PrEP IS 92%- 99% effective. Common Side Effects: headache, gas/bloating, weight loss. We conduct follow ups every 3 months for HIV, STI, and STD. To learn more about PrEP check out the PrEP Maryland website.

Do you want to know more about PrEP? Interested in finding out if PrEP is right for you?

Contact Lonnie Bishop, HIV Testing and Outreach Coordinator or call (410) 706-2000